Ikea and Its MyTown Part 1

“Sunday morning rain is falling” Maroon 5.

One heavy rain took us about 50 minutes reach Ikea from home.Thank you traffic, got me hungry and cranky. Raining was not the only reason. Ikea opens a new mall called Mytown.

Therefore most humans around Kuala Lumpur decided to go for a visit, with no valid reason, among all available restaurant in MyTown most of them decided to crush together having their late lunch in Ikea’s cafeteria. And I was one of them, just for the sake of Ikea’s beef meatballs. Yumm!

I went to Ikea few days before the mall opening. Here I am about to share with the internet world what do most locals do. Big thank you to my best friendS I get live like how big city people do.

Ikea is a place for friends, lover to newly weds and families would go to. Usually, people hang around the cafeteria for a good meal before heading to their furniture tour.

What my best friends and I would usually do was we had or lunch or dinner first. After a meal, we’ll go for a tour in Ikea on the same floor and then the ground floor. I think reason people love Ikea was how they set up a certain theme for bedroom, office, kitchen, and etc. The design and set up create an idea for everyone to imagine how they can use similar concept to create their favorite space at home. Example, if say you’re in living room area, not only they have different theme of living room, there are area full with different sofas, dining table, anything you can name of.

And then there is ground floor, where you can find different type of house use tools. From your kitchen utensil, pillows and blanket, different designs of lights to gardens, and neat perfectly store boxes of tables, chairs, just about anything! That you can get your hands on straight away, compare on the first floor.

Last but not least, The You MUST Eat In IKEA. That delicious hotdog bun and ice-cream. Too bad, I eat way too much in cafeteria thanks to my food craving demon. I can only pick one between ice-cream and hotdog bun


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