I have regret feeling of not taking chances explore deep into Batu Caves as what an explorer should do. Instead, I acted like a tourist. Just looking at the surfaces. Enough with my regret, along the way for this past one month of adventure, I learn to be bold enough to take photos while people are staring at me.

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Batu Caves is an ancient place that has been around for 400 million years and was used by Orang Asli ( Temuan People ) as a shelter. And soon after, Chinese used guano’s excavate as their vegetable fertilizer. How Batu Cave become a worship place? Indian trader K.TahmboosamyPillai inspired by the ‘Vel’ shape of the caves. 

That is how Batu Cave became Hindu’s shrine. There is three entrance at Batu Caves. During my visit in the month of  February, they’re celebrating Thaipusam. They sell different types of Hindu’s snacks that we rarely see as KL street food, I have not seen any yet.

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The main reason I visited Batu Caves was their high 200plus step stairs. The stairs is not difficult to climb at all. I was having fun going uphill. Heads up to any of you plan for visit, you may wear a shirt with no sleeve, but wearing short pants is a no, no. You will end up paying money just to loan their sarong which was worn by other before you (this is for ladies).

A lot have mentioned about the monkey around Batu Caves. They’re fine, minding their own business. But I believe if you did not try to provoke them and piss those monkeys off, they will do their own things and leave you to whatever you’re doing.

In the caves, there are Hindu’s statues and chicken. Yes! A chicken in the uphill caves. Surprise!

If you went on a right time, you will be seeing people doing their prayer, somehow you will get that spiritual feeling, which is comforting for me.

Unfortunately, I did not do expedition on the other two caves. Don’t worry, if I do, I will blog about it.

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In case any of you wanted to visit Batu Caves without Uber or GrabCar. In KL we have public transportation.